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About the Area

One of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth


About Jamaica

With a cool breeze fanning verdant mountains and lush, green flowering forests, Jamaica reposes serenely in the turquoise waters of the vigorous Caribbean Sea. Its people, a colourful mix from three harmonious centuries of ethnic and social tolerance, are delightfully friendly, easygoing and helpful to any stranger.

The 4,400 square mile island with a population of about 3 million is the largest of the English-speaking Caribbean, and is one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth.

Here you will see colourful flora and fauna that you will probably see nowhere else. The island’s winding, rural roads serpent deep into the unspoiled countryside and hugging majestic mountains before losing themselves in the coolness of cotton-like fog hovering over green, pasturing valleys . There quiet springs giggle playfully over pebbles while golden rays of morning sun peep through boughs of blooming Poinciana as if to steal a glimpse of every passerby.

The island is the paradise of committed naturalists, the Mecca of conscientious conservationists and the playground of the free seeking escape from the din and clamour of overcrowded metropolitan living.


About Mandeville

At approximately the geographic centre of Jamaica, and reposing some 2000 feet above sea level, Mandeville, the principal town of the parish of Manchester, is the home of some of Jamaica’s most breathtaking residential architecture The climate is even natured, lingering year round within the range of (70-75 degrees by day, 65-70 degrees by night). That fact makes air-conditioning virtually unnecessary.Flowering bougainvilleas, hanging in perpetual bouquet of bloom from almost every household garden makes Mandeville a breathtaking country town.

In Mandeville you will find tourable Great houses dating from as early as 1760, and tourable, private gardens the likes of which you will find nowhere else on the island. Its suburbia is necklaced by that ubiquitous, dry rubble; lime stone wall that marks off one man’s early, colonial pasture from that of his neighbour. It is here that you will find the oldest golf club outside of Europe. It boast a 9-hole course with 18 boxes enabling you to play a full game in the peaceful silence that, uninterrupted, abuts, a busy commercial town where you can purchase almost anything you could find overseas.

This town is the choicest for repatriating Jamaicans seeking to enjoy the fruits of their foreign labour in peace and security without primitively pressing in too closely. Mandeville is peacefully bustling. There are numerous banks, with ATM’s, top rank restaurants, and fast food such as Kentucky, Mothers etcetera.There are modern hospitals, clinics, cinemas and a market worthy of your camera. A wealthy, slumless area of Jamaica, Mandeville is the beneficiary of the lion’s share of the Jamaica Bauxite revenue earned from the major world producers in the parishes of Manchester and St. Elizabeth.

Jamaica Map

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